HR and Payroll

HR and Payroll services – where outsourcing is the best solution

Our experienced and professional HR and payroll department can guarantee that payroll services are provided in a reliable manner for both employers and their employees, fully compliant with legal regulations. Our specialists, who use the latest software, provide a thorough and detailed service in this regard, starting from maintenance of employee records, pay calculation, and ending with the submission of declarations to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) and the tax authorities. HR and payroll carried out by an outside company also makes it simpler to maintain pay confidentiality.

HR and payroll services

  • Maintenance of employee records
  • Pay calculation
  • Generation of payroll payment instructions for banks
  • Keeping payroll documentation
  • Signalling when medical examinations and Health & Safety training need to be updated
  • Looking after matters relating to the taxpayer’s compulsory deductions and contributions to social security, health insurance and employment funds as well as to the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (FGŚP)      
  • Looking after matters relating to income tax
  • Calculation of contributions to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)
  • Preparation of statistical reports on employment and pay for the Central Statistical Office (GUS)

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