How we stand out from other companies


We work in a professional manner that combines specialist knowledge and many years of experience. This is the result of the extensive experience gained by the partners, both of whom are Statutory Auditors and Board Members. These are Wojciech Lorys, who founded the company, and Zbigniew Pamuła. We employ highly qualified staff, including 5 Statutory Auditors, who have the knowledge and experience required to guarantee high quality services.


For bookkeeping we use modern e-NOVA software that allows us to offer our customers a new level of quality in accounting services, which is not achievable using traditional accounting software. We provide all our customers with on-line access to their company’s financial information from any location in the world. Internet access is all that is required to access records for ongoing company management requirements.


Protection is provided to data, including personal information, that is processed in IT systems as well as in IT and telecommunications systems used for their processing, storage and transfer. Protection of data and software resources involves securing the information that is entered into, processed by, and sent by IT systems and information media against illegal disclosure, theft or unauthorised modification or deletion. Protection over the IT system hardware involves strict compliance with rules and requirements relating to the equipment’s operation, providing ongoing maintenance in accordance with legal regulations and the manufacturers’ instructions and protecting the equipment against theft, destruction, damage or improper use.


Our clients benefit from the advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll-related issues to a highly specialized outside company. Bookkeeping, personnel records, payroll preparation and other areas that do not form part of the company’s core business, cease taking up excessive company resources and free up management time. Problems of time management and employee training are reduced. Outsourcing makes it possible to benefit from our knowledge, which is constantly being updated, as well as experience resulting from many years of practice.


We treat each client individually. Our services are adapted to the nature, characteristics and scale of the business concerned. We provide support from a team of specialists who are capable of solving the problems presented by our clients. Our employees speak English and, at the customer’s request, all documents can be prepared in English.