Does it matter if your business is a long way from our office?

It doesn’t matter at all. We have clients whose businesses are based in Kraków, Niepołomice, Warsaw, Siedlce and Gdańsk. Many of our clients send their documents to us by post or as scans sent to a special email address.

Do we have to meet face to face at the start?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. We need to meet in order to get to know each other and to understand your business requirements, as well as to set the parameters for the accountancy, personnel and payroll services that we are to provide. This is the basis for our future cooperation, so it is very important to establish precisely how we are going to work together at the beginning.

Do you have documented professional qualifications?

Yes. The owners of WL Finanse and members of the management board are Statutory Auditors.

How often do you have to send us documents?

That depends on many factors, such as deadlines for tax payments or for the preparation of financial statements, or else your financial management requirements.
Some clients send documents daily, others weekly, some others less often, at times that are mutually agreed.
We recommend sending us documents at least once a week, as that will make it possible for you to monitor your company’s performance on an ongoing basis.

How much do we charge?

That depends on the size of the company and the range of services supplied.
The only way to provide a proper estimate of our charges is to meet and to discuss what you would like us to do.

Will outsourcing cost less than employing someone on a full-time/part-time basis?

Generally speaking, outsourcing costs less than employing someone on a full-time or part-time basis.
Outsourcing eliminates hidden costs such as training, holidays and sick leave. You don’t need to think about maternity/paternity leave. Using outsourcing, there is no need to provide an office and a computer/software, or to pay for software licences, software, database and IT system security, etc.

Is the outsourcing of accountancy and payroll services cost effective?

Our approach to business issues should be based on the simple premise that, in order to be successful, it’s best to use our skills and experience to focus solely on our core business. Everything that is not a direct business objective should be handed over to external experts. By outsourcing, we purchase the knowledge and experience of a specialist who also – and this is very important – is up-to-date with all the changes in government regulations, which frees us from having to monitor all these changes.

I already have someone I trust. Should I change?

No. If you have an accountant who keeps your accounts in a reliable manner and produces tax calculations and financial statements on time, and if you are happy with this situation, there is no need to change. We would recommend continuing working with that person.

Our company is unusual and works in a niche market. Will you be able to understand our requirements?

We are a professional accountancy firm with extensive experience in supporting companies operating in different sectors, and with different legal forms. In addition, our experience has been enriched by providing auditing services. We are able to quickly understand the bookkeeping and tax requirements of new clients, even if a company is unusual or has a complex operating structure.
For us, each of our clients is unique. For this reason, we provide services that are individually tailored. Our knowledge and experience guarantee our clients’ security.

Do I have to have software to use my company’s database?

Not if you do not want to use the online databases that are provided as part of our service. We can input data and provide reports in an agreed format (xls, Word or PDF), which can then be printed out. So there is no need to worry about software costs or training someone to use a programme.
However, if you would like to access our online computer system, you would have to purchase a licence from our software provider to allow you to use the software from a single workstation (the purchase cost is reasonable).

Can I see my data online on my computer?

Yes, you can. Every client has access to our computer systems as regards their own company’s data.
If you would like to access our online computer system, you would have to purchase a licence from our software provider to allow you to use the software from a single workstation (the purchase cost is reasonable).

Is my data safe?

Data protection and security are very important issues for us.  We use the Microsoft Azure cloud that meets many data security standards and regulations, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA and others. Thanks to it you can be sure that your data have appropriate levels of protection.

Are you insured?

Our clients’ security is our number one priority – we have compulsory civil liability insurance of EUR 10 000 and, in addition, insurance of PLN 1300 000 per event.